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Eggnation testimonials

Body builders

Neal Cranwell
WPF Mr Universe & 2010 NAC World Champion

Neal Cranwell Neal Cranwell

Weighing in at a ripped 260lb, Neal is the discerning owner of Krunch Gym and a dedicated bodybuilder, the overall result of his work is symmetry, size and ripped condition. He puts down his ability to hit the stage this year, showing improved size and shape, to dedication training a good dose of cardio and a top nutrition and supplement program.

"as part of the testing and development program for Eggnation’s 'Anabolic Egg Matrix'.  I was pleased to include this in both my off season and prep program.  Used in conjunction with a few select supplements and a good diet including Eggnation’s liquid egg whites, I was able to return to the stage this year bigger, fuller and leaner."

Neal is also sponsored by: UDO’s Oil, NRG Supplements and Krunch Gym

Rugby players

Alun Wyn Jones
Rugby Professional

Alun Wyn JonesAlun WynBritish Lions and Wales and the Osprey’s
Position: Lock
DOB: 19.09.1985 (Swansea, Wales)
Height: 2.01 m
Weight: 119 kg


"great protein source which is easy and convenient to use morning or night in a shake or as an omelet to aid muscle growth and recovery at consistent periods of maximal training."


Andy Titterrell
Pro Rugby Player

Andy Titterrell

Born: 10/01/81
Height: 5ft 9ins
Weight: 94kg
Club: Leeds RUFC
Honours: England 16,18, 19, 21s
England A, England, British Lions





"After a hard training session or game I need to refuel my body quickly with the right amount of proteins. With the help of Eggnation I can do just that..."

"If I'm in a rush I can just open the carton and add extra egg white to my protein shake. If, however, I have time and need a quick snack it doesn't take me long to whip up an egg white omelette. Pure protein with no fats or carbohydrates."

"With the help of Eggnation I know exactly what I'm putting into my body and it helps me get the end results."

Power lifters

Richard Fricker
Well-known world record-holding champion power lifter

Richard FrickerRichard FrickerRichard has been a highly active powerlifter for the last 20 years, he holds many titles and more than 9 world records.


His weekly routine includes many gruelling training and dedicated program including large amounts of food and a select supplement program.

Richard puts a lot of store in real food as this he feels gives him power strength.

"Eggnation’s liquid egg whites help me to easily increase my daily food requirements and are a fantastic source of real food protein, I cook with them and drink them during the day. Anabolic Egg Matrix has been a great way to supplement my intake and a powerful source and protein and energy and more."