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General questions

Why egg protein ?

Egg protein has always been the gold standard by which all other proteins are measured. Egg protein has a PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score) score of number 1 the highest value possible, it has a Bv (biological value) of 100 and a highly balanced amino acid profile. Meaning your body can not find a protein source with a better conversion rate to muscle! The amino acid profile of egg protien has a natural affinity to the human amino acid profiles. Egg protein has been a highly prized protein source for millennia from the humble hunter gathers search for this prized food through to the many mighty warrior tribes have all held the egg high as prized source of power for the human body. Egg protein has only reduced in popularity over the past few decades due to some bad press with regard to the fat content which would appear to be slightly misleading and possibly driven by the rise of milk proteins which are after all only the bi-product  of cheese production.

Where do they eggs come from ?

All of our raw egg's are sourced from the UK...

Why are your liquid egg whites frozen?

To ensure the requirement for minimal processing, maintaining the amino acid and enzyme profile of the liquid. read: 'The difference between flash pastuerisation and UHT' in our science section 

How are they delivered ?

The liquid egg whites are delvered in insulated boxes and on overnight delvery.

What’s the shelf life of the liquid egg whites?

Kept frozen 12 months (date stamped on top of carton), un-opend in fridge 28 days consume within, once opend there is no biological change for 7 days.

Why is it OK for 7 days once opened when other products only last 48hrs, does it have preservative?

Absolutely not, or liquid egg white is 100% pure, because of the gentle processing method we have developed whilst we kill any bacteria such as salmonella etc, and neutralise the avidin. But we do this without damaging the amino acid profile or the enzyme profile. Egg white has a natural anti-bacterial enzyme callled lysozyme, which gives it the extra shelf life and has the added advantage of supporting your immune system. read article in our sciience section'Lysozyme'

What’s the shelf life of the powders ?

Generally all powder have at least a 12 month and upt o 24 month shelf life.

What’s the difference between liquid & powder?

They have different applications and positions. Whilst powders have some storage and application plus's, they have lower bio-availability then liquid, that is why we concentrate so much on optimising assimalation with our powder blends as well as other key factors.

The main point to liquid is that it is 'real food' and offers 100% bio-availabily, one of the only food source to this. This means you can assimilate every gram of protein and benefit from some of the nutrients as well.

What about avidin, I have heard this blocks the absorption & can cause biotin deficiency?

Avidin in netralised in all our products with in the treatment as well as any bad bacteria, our products are independently tested and certified.

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Liquid Egg – FAQ’s

What are liquid egg whites?

Liquid egg whites are exactly what it say’s on the bottle, 100% pure liquid egg whites, just as if you cracked and separated them yourself at home.

For your safety and usability they have been pasteurised so as to avoid salmonella, listeria etc. There are no additives or preservatives, no artificial ingredients or food colourings.

Egg whites have a naturally light yellow colour to them. Egg whites are completely tasteless and odourless. Just shake up the carton before use.

How can liquid egg whites be used?

They are just egg whites and should be used in exactly the same way you would use egg whites. You can use them for making pancakes, omelettes, scrambled, you name it! Whatever you would normally use eggs for. In fact because they have been through pasteurisation they make great smoothies and protein shakes, thanks to the process that has eliminated the salmonella threat from drinking raw egg whites.

How do I measure egg whites?

Pump dispenser delivers 30ml of egg white, per pump; this is equivalent to 1 x medium egg white. Alternatively any measure can be used, measuring 30ml as 1 x medium egg white and multiples there of for number of whites required.

Is it safe to freeze egg whites?

Absolutely! You can store frozen egg whites until the best before date on the carton. To defrost, put the container on a plate and leave it overnight. Once defrosted, you must keep them in the refrigerator.

What is the "shelf life" of egg whites?

Independently certified tests show that our egg whites can be kept frozen for twelve months, once defrosted, opened and kept in a refrigerator there is no biological change for 7 days (due to the enzyme profile being left intact along with the amino profile and protein value) and that they can be kept unopened for up to 28 days in fridge, the extended chilled life is due to NO Change in our specific processing but the installation of a new hermetic sealing technology.

To determine if they are good or not, the best test is to smell them. If there is any odour whatsoever, discard them. Egg whites have no odour or taste.

What is the "Protein Benefit” of egg whites?

Egg White protein is the purest form of protein known to man in the entire world. Six eggs deliver 15 grams of pure protein, only a trace of carbohydrates, NO fat and NO cholesterol. They are 100% bio-available, which means NONE of high profile of amino acids is wasted. No artificial protein powder can make that claim. Other high protein sourced foods and supplements need to be broken down before the body absorbs the protein. All natural products have always been the recommended way to get the nutrients your body needs.

What is Salmonella?

More than 90% of all eggs are free of contamination at the time they are laid. Contamination with Salmonella bacteria and with certain spoilage organisms occurs essentially afterwards. Proper washing and sanitizing of eggs eliminates most Salmonella and spoilage organisms deposited on the shell.

How do you pasteurise egg whites?

The Egg Whites are run through a series of heated tubes, almost like a big still, just hot enough to kill bacteria but not enough to cook the eggs. They are then tested for any signs of Salmonella bacteria. This in no way effect the biological value or profile of the eggs in any way.

Eggs contain all nine essential amino acids making them an excellent source of high quality protein.

Scientists frequently use eggs as a standard for measuring the protein quality of other foods. Protein quality is expressed as biological value, which measures the rate of efficiency that protein is used for growth. At 93.7%, eggs score higher than any other food (1).

One egg contains 6 grams of protein. The protein is almost equally split between the egg white and the egg yolk. The protein in an egg contains all the essential amino acids used for growth and development.

Egg Whites are an excellent source of biologically valued protein because they provide the only protein, which is instantly absorbed by your body. Other high protein foods such as beef, fish, chicken, and turkey must first be broken down before your body can absorb the available protein. Even then, not everyone can metabolise meat protein properly. The same goes for protein powders and other meal replacements. It should also be noted that egg whites have no fat, and no cholesterol.

An article on egg white (amino profile) click here
100% Pure Liquid Egg Whites are the purest and most versatile form of protein IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! Ideal for this busy age with no mess, they are the most efficient way for any one on the go who is concerned with getting easily assimilated and essential protein into the system. So they are ideal for any one concerned with a healthy lifestyle, for athletes needing efficient muscle repair, bodybuilders needing quality muscle building blocks and an ideal form of versatile nourishment for high protein dieters.

Because, they can be mixed in a shake or a smoothie in a matter of seconds and be done with it.

They are fantastic for losing weight or building muscle. You can't taste the egg whites! They are NOT slimy and they are completely tasteless and odourless. One 280g /300ml of 100% Pure Liquid Egg Whites supplies 25 grams of 100% bio available pure protein. No fat, No cholesterol, and only a trace of carbohydrates. No more cracking and separating the egg whites from the yolks, you don't need to cook them, clean up the mess, just drink them down!

Liquid, NOT RAW
Egg whites are 100% bio available. Which means that none of its Amino acids are wasted or damaged. Liquid egg whites support muscle growth for up to 4 to 5 hours where as powdered egg whites and protein powders in general, are on average only 70 to 80% bio available. These powders only support muscle growth for 2 to 3 hours.

The difference between, LIQUID and RAW egg whites?

The human body cannot digest a raw egg white, because of the Avidin found in a raw egg white; your body struggles to digest a raw egg white. Not to mention the threat of Salmonella. You need to cook the egg white to neutralize the Avidin and allow your body to digest the protein. Also Avidin is known to cause a Biotin deficiency.

100% pure liquid easy egg whites from EGGNATION are pasteurised and tested for salmonella. The flash pasteurisation process heats the egg white for a few minutes gently,this heat kills the salmonella and neutralizes the Avidin to allow it to be digested and absorbed by the body. When egg whites are cooked e.g. scrambled, you are denaturing the protein and affecting the true value of the protein. Making liquid egg white the purest form of protein, known to man.

What is the best way to use them?

Probably in a drink! If you require a quick and easy high protein meal, like breakfast, then what could be better!

You could use a protein powder. Most people using protein powders for convenience, are using about 40 grams of protein powder, and mixing it with water or milk. The only thing is most protein powder is only 70 to 80% bio available and only supports muscle growth for 2 to 3 hours. This means that out of 40 grams of protein powder your body is only getting 28 to 32 grams at best!

Not just for drinking!

Liquid egg whites are also the most versatile form of protein because you can use them in just about anything you want. They make great omelettes and can be used in any cooking in place of a whole egg. They can be added to most any cold drink without changing the flavour. Mix them with orange juice, tomato juice, fruit and yoghurt smoothies, and milk etc: you can drink them straight. …

What ever you like to drink, can now be protein enriched with sustained release!

How much protein should you consume in a day?

On average people require between 1.5-3 grams of protein per kilo of lean mass to maintain health and efficiency. Athletes have a high demand for protein whether endurance runners or bodybuilders. Both breakdown muscles during training and need to optimise protein uptake for muscle repair. So as to maintain their metabolic rate and either maintain their power to weight ratio or build greater mass. Protein is the building blocks for muscle.

Protein is essential to maintain lean muscle mass as lean mass optimises your metabolic rate and a increase in muscle mass leads to a increase in calories burnt at rest.

How often do you use liquid egg whites?

As often as you want, probably at least twice a day. First meal in the morning as it is important to get nutrients into the system first thing, hence breaking the fast of a nights sleep. Also just before bed, to keep the body charged for the repair process, which takes place whilst we sleep. By drinking a high protein drink with liquid egg whites just before you go to bed, they will support muscle growth for up to 4 to 5 hours. These are also times when we are at home and can have access to fresh refrigerated live food which liquid egg whites most definitely are, real food!

Amino Acid Profile per 100g

Alanine 5.49g Isoleucine 5.0g Serine 6.07g
Arginine 4.54g Leucine 6.80g Threonine 3.41g
Aspartic Acid 6.09g Lysine 4.64g Tryptophan 1.18g
Cystine 1.88g Methionine 3.01g Tyrosine 3.21g
Glutamic 10.89g Phenylalanine 4.94g Valine 6.02g
Histidine 1.67g Proline 2.92g Glycine 2.89g

Chemical index (as per WHO Standard)

1. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The Amino Acid Content of Foods and Biological Data on Proteins, Nutritional Study #24. Rome (1970). UNIPUB, Inc., 4611-F Assembly Drive, Lanham, MD 20706

Specialist egg protein powders

Why powders ?

In terms of plain powders the only real advantages are convenience in terms of storage and transportation with a few negatives such as the bio-availability

Where powders come into their own are with in blends, they are a great way to carry around and use natures best protein especailly when the have been speciifically processed and optimised with synsrgisitic co-factors for assimation

How are they processed?

Our raw eggs are dried in cool mist towers into dessicated particles they are then exposed to gentle heat to deal with the avidin or any bacteria.

Certain specilist powders go through slighty differnet process's and blended product are instantised for optium dispersion and have additional co-factors added to the blend