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About Eggnation

Founded in 2004, Eggnation's primary mission was to find a premium protein source which was real food yet quick and easy use.

Having experienced similar products whilst in the USA and experiencing the difference these products could make to nutritional regimes, particularly as breakfast an supper solutions, we wanted to use this sort of product ourselves on a daily basis.

We tried to source liquid egg from a number of different markets it be came clear that the only way that we could get the right product would be to produce our own. Whilst it became evident that we would need to enter into a commercial venture we never lost sight of the fact that nutritional integrity of the product was paramount. After all, we wanted to use the product ourselves on a daily basis.

Many trials and different processing techniques were run and all tested for us by Campden Research, we finally established the processing and storage method that would deliver a real food solution with all the ease of a supplement. By testing many diiferent processing techniques we established that only one method could deliver the product we required:

  • 100% Pure liquid egg white
  • 100% Bio-availability
  • Intact amino acid and enzyme profile

This was flash-processing to our formulated time and temperature spectrums followed by blast-freezing. The product had to be just the same as raw egg white, not deteriorate whilst being kept on the shelf or leave the process with a lesser protein / amino acid profile.

Our first product was 'free-range', we then followed by a 'barn' egg, since then we have become more and more involved within the industry, which has led to much research and we now have some unique egg protein powders for our customers and on-going R&D with some very exciting specialist egg and egg bi-products for future release.

We still use our products daily and strive to bring 100% satisfaction to our customers.


The Eggnation Team